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2014 Music Details

Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:37

2014 Music Schedule

Fat Box

Fat Box plays a unique blend of Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz. They occasionally venture into the avant-garde but never lose sight of the groove. Their music features distinct, soulful vocals, fiery improvisations, and songs that don't conform to predictable formulas. Fat Box is best seen and heard live.


A story-telling band obsessed with pop songs who search for that ultimate musical and lyrical hook that will stick in your head long after the music is over.  Like the Pettys and Dylans of old to the Rooneys and The Frays of now, The Decadence is telling their tale through music.  The give their all each and every night on stage and don't stop until the lights go up.  They're a show that sparks attention and will have you singing along before you know it.  You don't just "watch" The Decadence perform, you experience it.

Bawn in the Mash

Bawn in the Mash is an American musical group, established December 2004 in Paducah, Kentucky. Known for their unique and eclectic performances, the band "bridge the rarely traversed gap between bluegrass and rock and roll with the effortlessness of careful students of both." (D. Patrick Rodgers, The Nashville Scene)

Gideon's Rifle

This Kentucky ensemble formed last spring and plies a blend of Americana, newgrass and folk music that is bouncing, mournful or stealthy, depending on the number. Gideon's Rifle is led by co-songwriting team Alexander Coltharp (banjo) and Shannon Vetter (acoustic guitar), their lower-register vocal timbres complementing the clear soaring soprano of mandolin gal Kimberly McDaniel, and their strums and picks supported by the lowend foundation of upright bassist Jake Siener and wailing melodies of cellist Byron Farrar.

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra is an example of musical sincerity. Weaving together collective and individual influences without compromise, they are as much themselves as they are a unit—a crucial trait of landmark instrumental ensembles. Equally captivating is steel pannist and founder Jonathan Scales' compositional skill as is his tasteful, avant-garde improvisational approach. Driftwood Magazine says "Scales is to steel pans ....what Bela Fleck is to the banjo—an uber innovator."

Leonard the Band

Leonard the Band is an original music group from Metropolis, IL. We have many artistic influences such as; Neil Young, Bob Marley, Television, Wiico, The Band, Spoon, and Bob Dylan, can be heard within our work. The sound is completely owned by the band and the members contributions and styles are distinct and groovy. It's held strong by Brian's poetic lyrics and unorthodox chord progressions, Adam's liquid blues/jazz bass lines, Tootie's progressive and precise percussion and Zack's alternative stoner rock/jazz organ/piano.

Lew Jetton & 61 South

Lew Jetton along with the band, 61 South have been festival and club favorites throughout the Midwest and Mid South since the early 1990s with their critically acclaimed "Southern-Fried" Chicago Blues sound.

Lynn Taylor & The BarFlys

Raised in east Tennessee and Louisiana, the son of a preacher, Lynn Taylor first became interested in songwriting when a Sunday school teacher gave him an old beater guitar and a stack of dusty Bob Dylan records. He moved to Nashville in the mid-nineties and formed Felix Wiley. The group recorded a couple of albums and played in Nashville and the mid-South for several years, opening for Todd Snider, BR5-49, Drive-By Truckers, The Derailers, John Hartford and Ralph Stanley along the way.

Red Ember

Formed in Paducah, KY on Memorial Day weekend of 2012, Coming from an easily overlooked market that has given birth to Bluegrass, and cornerstone contemporary bands like Cage The Elephant, My Morning Jacket, and Nickel Creek; Folk instrumentation is a focal point around Alex Coltharp (banjo), Ryan Cothron (Dobro), Justin Doss (Mandolin), but the band brings so much more. Funk and Jazz elements pour out of Brad Hammack (Bass), while the electric edge is crafted by Foster Stacy (Synthesizer and Percussion), finished with a large load on the shoulders of metal styling Alex Riley (Rhythm Guitar).

Southern Siren

Southern Sirens is a backwoods three piece all girl, acoustic band covering various genres. This all girl trio covers a plethora of styles from The Mamas & the Papas to Bonnie Rait to Imagine Dragons giving each song their own backwoods sound with subtle hints of Latin beats. Southern Sirens have been taking Louisville by storm with their 2014 inaugural performance at the Kentucky Center for the Arts on February 9th as part of the variety opening acts for the Ed Sullivan Beatles 50th Anniversary Show which is now officially sold out.

Soul Dog

Soul Dog performs SOUL and Classic Rock favorites. Soul Dog plays original music and Soul Music covers by artists such as Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave, Al Green, Smokey Robinson. Also some classic rock by the Beatles, Van Morrison, Grass Roots, David Bowie and others. The band consists of David Booth(guitar and vocals) Rick Burres (drums) Terry Fox (keyboards), Kevin Quails (bass)

Year of October

A blues/rock band that is originally from Kentucky, but now resides in Nashville, TN. They formed in 2010 while members Josh and Phlecia Sullivan were attending the University of Kentucky. In 2011 they made the move to Nashville and have not stopped since.

Suspicious Rive

We are a local six-piece band (2 guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, saxophone, harmonica and vocals) that mainly plays original music. We occasionally cover artists such as Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, John Prine, etc. Our sound has a unique rural charm that will not disappoint.

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