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Applications for 2017 are now OPEN. The deadline will be January 15th, 2017. Go to Zapplications now and apply!

The list of artists appearing at the 2016 Festival can be found here.

If you will be a participation visual artist this year, here is some general information about the Festival for you:

  1. We take the Jury Process very seriously. We want you to be comfortable in the company of other excellent Artists and Craftspeople and, above all, we are looking for creativity and quality of personal execution in your craft.
  2. We are mostly Artists ourselves (not full-time Promoters) and so you can look forward to really great Hospitality.
  3. This is a regional show. Application will only be accepted from artists living within a 300 mile radius of Paducah, Kentucky. The applications are available on Zapplication. Deadline is January 15th, 2017. Signing up for Zapplications is free to the individual artists and if you take a moment to do this, applying to individual shows is just a couple of clicks of the mouse! Go to www.zapplication.org to get started! The official name of our festival is "Lower Town Arts and Music Festival" and that's how you'll find it on Zapp! Judges will pick the artists during February and you will be notified in early March.
  4. The Dates of the Festival are two days only: Friday, May 19, 2017, Saturday, May 20, 2017. This is a 'rain or shine' event.
  5. The cost of applying to the show is $30. This is a non-refundable fee that covers the cost of the application service fees and the professional juror fees.
  6. The cost of a 10' by 10' booth space, with 300 watts of electricity included, is $175.
  7. We will be offering an "Adopt an Artist" program (home stay with neighborhood families) on a first come first served basis. Information on this and other programs will be included in your acceptance packet.
  8. We have seen 8-13,000 people through the show in past years, and with this year's media partnerships we expect that number to grow substantially.
  9. The economic base of the community is pretty strong, even in "this economy"... we are the regional hub for transportation of goods and host all of the major river transport companies. We are the Medical Hub of the region and have several large hospitals and medical service organizations. The local bank just received the results of a commissioned survey that shows 1.26 million people live within an hours drive of Paducah.
  10. We have excellent relationships and marketing co-ops with the television, radio and print media- we will enjoy favored placements with these outlets. Because of the unique emphasis on regional richness, we are getting some very nice National attention in the travel media as well.

Food vendors

If you are a local food vendor and want to participate in The Taste of Paducah this year please contact us. Kevin Whyte always does wonders organizing this popular part of every years' Festival. You can contact him here. We have a good group of vendors who return every year but there are usually a few spots open for new tastes! Our committee is always looking for those tasty additions to our "Taste of Paducah" vendor's row. Take a look here to see who was on the street at the 2016 Festival.

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