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Monday, 07 April 2014 15:46
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Kelsey Burchett Fiber "My wearable art is sustainably crafted from up-cycled materials, using only the softest natural fabrics. This ensures that each piece is as unique as the individual wearing it, while also being kind to the planet by using materials that may have otherwise been cast aside. Each creation starts out with a vision or a sketch and I let the materials at hand guide and inspire me throughout the process of creating, sometimes morphing into something totally unexpected but, I believe, exactly what it was meant to be in the end. I use a patchwork technique, piecing together smaller pieces of fabric to create the larger vision. All my work is finished with a professional serger, usually leaving the seams exposed for a more fun and unique look."

Kelsey Burchett

Duane Cobb Jewelry

Dwayne Cobb

Michael Crouse Printmaking Michael Crouse is a multi-media printmaker having worked with the printmaking processes of relief, lithography, intaglio, screen-printing,and monotype. His favorite printmaking process is stone lithography. Michael’s work has been exhibited in England, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Spain, as well as throughout the United States.

Michael Crouse

LisaAnne Doane Fiber "Artful Adornment For the Soul - Reclaimed, Repurposed,and Handmade...from top to bottom. I design the patterns rummage thru shelves of fabrics and leather that have been saved from thrifts and the boxes of this and that people just think I need and give me and whala you have a wonderful tote or bag with flowers hand sewed to adorn the flap of scrap leather on upcycled upholstery fabric on very long straps hand riveted. Cuffs of leather the scraps from the tote handles adorned with handcut leather flowers or reclaimed copper and hammered inscriptions a snap to close. Daring And Imagination Included..."

LisaAnne Doane

Jenny Donaldson Ceramics "I create these animals by throwing various size vessels on the wheel using low fire clay. I then stack and form them into the body shapes of a variety of different animals. After each animal has been fired, I cover them with a variety of textured paper. The small platters are created by one wheel thrown piece attached to a hand built platter. I apply food safe glaze to these pieces so they can be used as a completely functional piece."

Jenny Donaldson

Joseph Dumas Mixed Media "By utilizing the strength of two elements, stone and steel, I utilize a whimsical way of fashioning rock art into functional pieces of sculpture."

Joseph Dumas

Suzanne Ens Fiber "Handmade felt soft sculpture: Using loose fibers such as merino, alpaca, llama, etc, I dye and card the fibers to make my own felt using the old fashioned soap and water method. I also use recycled wool from old clothing or commercial wool and synthetic blend for my base to which I attach my handmade felt. I hand sew, embroider and embellish each animal or doll sculpture combining my felt with recycled fabric scraps. Finally, I often pair the finished piece with vintage finds."

Leslie Fawcett Jewelry "Jewelry featuring handwoven beaded beads that are combined with sterling silver and gemstones."

Paul Fontana Painting "I paint with acrylic and use both palette knife and/or brush on canvas or hardboard. My work abstract or semi-abstract, using bold colors and both visual and tactile texture."

Paul Fontana

Carole Gordon Painting "Watercolor paintings on cold pressed paper, specializing in equestrian art"

Carole Gordon

Enrique Gonzalez Painting "My Technique follows the style of modern impressionism. I have a vision of painting the daily routines of life: animals, boats, portaits. My materials are acrylic paintings, canvas."

Enrique Gonzalez

Stefanie Graves Watercolor "Inspired in equal parts by the ordinary and exotic, the paintings represent my continued sense of curiosity, wonderment, and awe at the world around me."

Stefanie Graves

David Hammond Photography "My art consists of photographs of landscape and nature using both digital and film cameras to create an original image. I then process and print the images to various sizes using an Epson 3800 professional printer (using archival pigment inks). I then mat and frame the photographs using archival mat boards and framing materials."

David Hammond

Laura Hall Ceramics "Decorative/functional stoneware pieces made of slab, extruded and sculpted components. Textured surfaces finished with oxides, stains under glazes and glazes fired cone 6 electric."

Laura Hall

William Hall Sculpture "Bulletbugz are made from spent cartridges, fence wire, nuts, washers, found objects, and recycled items. Structural solder is used for joining, applied with a torch, not an iron."

William Hall

Pam Harrison Jewelry "Pam Harrison Studio is a handcrafted jewelry design studio located in Paducah, KY.  Pam creates one of a kind pieces from wire, Precious Metal Clay, and a variety of semi-precious stones and other beads.   She is also a certified Precious Metal Clay instructor and teaches jewelry making workshops in Paducah."

Pam Harrison

Retta Hentschel Glass "I blend salvaged antique Depression glass dishes, agate, slices, rondels, and bevels with contemporary stained glass that I precisely cut by hand. My soldering technique also accents and compliments the dishes as well as the stained glass. My work is not done from patterns. I start with a focal point then stained glass is cut and custom fit around the focal point as the panel evolves. Because my art is built on a flat surface, I am always excited to see what I have created when the panel is first held up to the light. Building on a flat surface has also challenged me to engineer some unusual techniques to achieve the three dimensional look to most of my art."

Retta Hentschel

Carol Hicks Jewelry" I create unique wearable art jewelry from copper, sterling silver and mixed media using traditional metalsmithing techniques."

Carol Hicks

Heather Holland-Daly Jewelry "I texture, shape, rivet & etch metals; enamel; bead weave; & embroider on metal mesh. I am always exploring basic shapes, color and repetition, all within the confines of a single piece of jewelry. All the time keeping the aspiration of timeless trend, and individuality in mind."

Heather Holland-Daly

Tim Hooper Painting "I create narrative paintings with acrylic and oil paint. Each piece has a strong emphasis on an individual human subject. These subjects are often historical figures, or popular icons who have been, in effect "re-purposed."

Tim Hooper

Beth Ingels Jewelry "I make jewelry from vintage found objects such as watch parts,keys,tin type photos from the late 1800's,animal bones,coins,porcelain doll parts and victorian buttons. I drill,sand and use a chemical process to alter the color of the metals I use. I do not mass produce my pieces which make them one of a kind."

Beth Ingels

Sharon Jackson Ceramics "Handmade clay (stoneware) baskets using coils and slabs. Wildflowers,leaves,herbs and fabrics are used for texture. Baskets are bisque fired and a clay slip is applied and sponged off to show the texture and natural clay body. They are then fired again to a stoneware temperature. Grapevine handles are attached to baskets without clay handles giving them a very earthy,organic appearance."

Sharon Jackson

Thomas Jackson Ceramics "I create functional and decorative ceramics using both wheel thrown and hand built techniques. I follow the concept that "form follows function" and try to make pieces that are aesthetically pleasing as well as useful. I use surface texture to create visual interest, relying on simple applications of glazes formulated to flow and accent the surface."

Thomas Jackson

David Johnson Ceramics "specializes in handmade functional pottery with a flair for color, form, and texture. Every piece is individually made using wheel and hand built techniques. No two exactly alike! "

David Johnson

Mitch Kimball Ceramics

Nancy LaPlace Jewelry "I use traditional metalsmith techniques, including soldering, cold connections, piercing and sawing, to create original designs with sterling, 14kt gold-filled (yellow and rose gold) and copper sheet and wire.
I create original designs in metal clays, bronze and copper primarily. Metal clay is a clay binder that contains powdered metals, such as copper, bronze, steel, silver or gold. I sculpt the clay into a design, just like potter’s clay. However, when fired the clay binder completely burns away leaving the pure metal. It can then be hammered, sanded and polished just as any metal piece would be. My metal clay designs start as a sketch on a pad. If necessary, I create a mold to complete a piece. The pendants are typically hollow."

Nancy LaPlace{

Kenneth Lewis Painting "I like to use acrylic paint to create portraits that are expressive and realistic, using unorthodoxed color schemes. Many of my works are portraits of interesting figures from my life that have some form of meaning to me or animals that I find to be interesting. It is my goal to capture the character of the subject to convey a feeling that is expressed and felt in the initial stages of creation. I very rarely sketch. I typically lay in the extreme lights and the extreme darks and play with a limited pallet to show the variations in light-source. I want the viewer to be drawn in and feel the emotion that is conveyed through each subject matter."

Kenneth Lewis

David Lucht Fiber "I am a contemporary realist experimental artist who creates pieces using the wax resist medium of batik painting. I have recently begun a series of semi-abstract batiks incoporating a seed pod into a multi-layered image."

David Lucht

Deb Lyons Painting

Kim Martin Mixed Media This is a husband/wife team. She creates jewelry from vintage items such as typewriter keys, skeleton keys, old sheet music, postage stamps, clock faces and clip on earrings. She also creates one of a kind wind chimes from unique decorative pieces. Her most talked about wind chimes are made from high heel shoes. He is a blacksmith specializing in period correct colonial era pieces for hearth, home and encampment. He produces excellent quality, period blacksmith goods for re enactors, historic homes and historic sites with pieces throughout the Southeast, Ireland, Australia, England, New Zealand and Greece. This artist became the official blacksmith of the Emmy winning television show "A Taste Of History" with Chef Walter Staib in 2013.

Kim Martin

Cory McCrory Ceramics "Sculptural and functional ceramic art. Slab hand built dishes with pulled texture using linoleum printing mat. Decorated with underglazes and glazes fired to 2200 degrees. Hand sculpted work also decorated and fired the same. No moulds are used, all one of a kind."

Cory McCrory

Carol MacKay Ceramics

Will MacKay Painting

Dawn Middleton Jewelry "Hand fabricated, organically inspired jewelry, using traditional metal smithing techniques. I use silver, bronze, PMC, and semi-precious stones."

Dawn Middleton

Amy Millspaugh Ceramics Amy was at our 2013 Festival and was a big hit with her whimsical ceramics. It's great to have her back!

Amy Millspaugh

Kotah Moon Sculpture "Inspirational sculpture made from reclaimed metal using plasma and other unconventional techniques."

Kotah Moon

Amelia Naas Fiber makes, "wearable art consisting of hand painted silk scarves and shawls and batik cotton clothing using beeswax resist and Procion dyes and nature themes such as ferns, flowers, insects, buterflys, birds and leaves"

Amelia Naas

Bev O'Daniel Ceramics "Pieces are wheel thrown and altered by carving or stamping. Multiple colored glazes are layered on each piece. Hand built pieces are made using slabs and textured.

Bev O'Daniel

Dennis Paullus Wood "I am a wood turner and carver, I use fresh, green found logs to create my is all about the wood for me. The colors and grain patterns and spiritual aspects of the wood is an inspiration to me. I incorporate Patterns and textures in my carvings. Also the tree form is a recurring image in my work."

Dennis Paullus

Phil Philips Mixed Media (leatherwork)

Kelli Pope Jewelry "Handcut sterling silver, copper and brass sheet metals and copper finished with torch fired enamels, patinas or liver of sulphur. Handmade beads and pendants from clay, bisque fired, glazed and kiln fired to cone 6. Minimum use of recycled glass, gemstone or pearl beads."

Kelli Pope

Sara Rappee Jewelry "Each created piece of jewelry starts with the selection of rough stone/mineral material that is then shaped, ground, and polished on a series of 6 wheels. A creative design is then chosen to accentuate the stone. Sterling silver wire and sheet stock are then used to craft by hand every component on metal. This includes the setting, bail, and design elements. The results are a unique piece of wearable art made from the earth."

Sara Rappee

T.R. Reed Sculpture "colorful, kinetic cartoon contraptions shaped from wood and painted." Facebook page

T.R. Reed

James Roberts Mixed Media "My work consists of willow wood harvested on the secondary roads and in the backwoods of Western Kentucky. I am currently an apprentice to George Beard in the art of making bentwood willow furniture. We are honored to be supported by the Kentucky Art Council."

James Roberts

Derrick Riley Mixed Media "I am a traditional printmaker, I have selected mixed media for the category because it is the closest option listed. I will be selling various product made with several printmaking process. Mostly the work will be hand carved, signed, and printed linoleum cuts. Prints are produced on fine art paper, greeting cards, pillows, bags, and shirts. I will also have a few editions of silkscreens and stone lithographs."

Derrick Riley

Ron Roland Painting "Acrylic artist paints & latex house paints, mixing glazes, metallic and other mediums, handcut stencils in blocking patterns; Impasto application with brushes & knives, drip/pour under painting, glazing over stencil blocking patterns, layering of the techniques"

Ron Roland

Kirsten Skiles Jewelry "hand forged bronze and steel small sculpture and home décor items as well as chased and repoussed bas-relief panels."

Kirsten Skiles

Joshua Samuels Jewelry "We are a husband and wife team based out of East TN that handcraft all of our jewelry ourselves in our studio. We specialize in making earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from copper, steel and brass. Each bracelet is lined with leather to keep the metal off the skin and for hypoallergenic purposes and fastened using nickel free rivets. Our earrings are hung from hand formed sterling silver. Our sterling silver is square wire to stand out beyond other companies using round wire. Each piece is patinaed using an all natural solution to react with the copper and steel and give them a one of a kind look."

Joshua Samuels

Fritz Schaeffer Photography "All photographs are original and I'm showing both conventional mounted and framed prints that I have processed on Canon equipment. In addition I have a selection of prints on metal. The process is dye sublimation and I will show sizes from 8x10 to 24x36. These prints have sharpness and color saturation that most people think they are looking at HDTV. These metal prints are processed in commercial labs both in San Francisco and St. Louis."

Fritz Schaeffer

Anthony Slichenmyer Sculpture says, "i work with steel. i use a forge , trip hammer and welder along with various patinas to create each piece"

Anthony Slichenmyer

Knox Steinbrecher Ceramics "Functional stoneware pottery,oxidation fired to 2200 degrees. Oxide brushwork on multilayered glazes"

Knox Steinbrecher

Barbara Swift Jewelry says: "I flame-work my own glass beads and my husband fabricates the sterling silver. Form, color and texture are juxtaposed to form sculptural pieces that can be worn."

Barbara Swift

Christopher Timberlake Jewelry "I seek to lend a three-dimensionality, to give form, to the forces of nature. I use myself as a ‘filter’ of scientific observations and data in order to create the patterns and shapes used in my work. The force that most inspires my work is aqueous erosion: from the erosion of bedrock by water, to the deposition of alluvial sands at the mouth of a river delta. My jewelry is directly inspired by the numerically irregular patterns and shapes caused by this natural etching of the earth’s surface. I cut or carve almost all of the stones used in my work. I employ mokumé gane, an ancient technique of metal lamination which must be carved and etched to produce the desired pattern, much like water carving bedrock over millennia."

Christopher Timberlake

James C. Rich and Diana Smith Thomas Jewelry We are collaborative artists who create stunning polymer clay jewelry using caning techniques.  Drawing on his background as a pen and ink artist, Rich translates his designs into intricate, detailed clay canes. Using her original, three dimensional design techniques, Thomas transforms his canes into one of a kind works of wearable art.

Diana Thomas

Shand Stamper Jewelry

Don Tran Fiber Emboidery

Don Tran

Mark Traughber Mixed Media "I create 2D artwork using a variety of techniques and materials."

Mark Traughber

Leon Van Weelden Sculpture "Hand built clay sculpture. Coil and slab Planters, fountains, figures, and wall pieces."

Leon Van Weelden

Jonna Vaughn Mixed Media "Most of my work incorporates the use of dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is a glass that is coated with metallic oxides on one side. This is what gives the pendants their shimmery appearance. Often multiple colors will show in a pendant depending on the direction light hits it. Several layers of this glass are stacked and kiln fired multiple times. The glass is then hand cut and shaped to the desired outcome. Images are enameled and are permanently set in a final firing to 1100 degrees. As a result, these images will not wear, flake, fade or rub off. Each pendant is set on a high quality decorative silver bail and purchase includes a silver chain and gift box."

Jonna Vaughn

Henry Warner Painting Warner’s vision is based upon child-like imagery and memories reflecting the humorous and sometimes disturbing nature in life. The use of the frequently rendered bee is a metaphor of “fear and love”. He feels these two emotions are the most commonly felt symptoms of human life and appears to be a signature touch of many of his paintings.

Henry Warner

Clark Willett Photography "I watch for nature’s ever-changing, never-ending beauty. I use 5-star photo paper, acid-free mats. Product: framed and unframed photos, “books” of notecards with envelopes envelopes and bookmarks.

Clark Willett

Bradley Wilson Painting "I create acrylic on canvas or board paintings that occasionally make use of oil pastels or other mixed media. My subjects range from birds and animals, to landscape and figurative subjects painted in a loose, often whimsical style.

Bradley Wilson

Ruth Wright Jewlery "I create jewelry (and a few household items such as napkin rings, window hangings) by handweaving tiny glass seed beads and crystals. The jewelry created is intricate, light-weight, durable, and highly wearable. It intrigues patrons who often comment: "How on earth did you do this? How can you possibly see to do something so detailed? I've never seen anything like it! From a distance it doesn't look like beadwork at all."
I delight in the zen-like process of creating beautiful items from tiny individual elements and in the sharing of both process and product with patrons. I use patterns and stitches developed during different eras in varying parts of the world and bring them together with a uniquely midwestern flavor."

Ruth Wright


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