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Monday, 07 April 2014 15:46
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Paul Fontana Painting "I paint with acrylic and use both palette knife and/or brush on canvas or hardboard. My work abstract or semi-abstract, using bold colors and both visual and tactile texture."

Paul Fontana

Michael Crouse Printmaking Michael Crouse is a multi-media printmaker having worked with the printmaking processes of relief, lithography, intaglio, screen-printing,and monotype. His favorite printmaking process is stone lithography. Michael’s work has been exhibited in England, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Spain, as well as throughout the United States.

Michael Crouse

Leon Van Weelden Sculpture "Hand built clay sculpture. Coil and slab Planters, fountains, figures, and wall pieces."

Leon Van Weelden

Christopher Timberlake Jewelry "I seek to lend a three-dimensionality, to give form, to the forces of nature. I use myself as a ‘filter’ of scientific observations and data in order to create the patterns and shapes used in my work. The force that most inspires my work is aqueous erosion: from the erosion of bedrock by water, to the deposition of alluvial sands at the mouth of a river delta. My jewelry is directly inspired by the numerically irregular patterns and shapes caused by this natural etching of the earth’s surface. I cut or carve almost all of the stones used in my work. I employ mokumé gane, an ancient technique of metal lamination which must be carved and etched to produce the desired pattern, much like water carving bedrock over millennia."

Christopher Timberlake

Kotah Moon Sculpture "Inspirational sculpture made from reclaimed metal using plasma and other unconventional techniques."

Kotah Moon

T.R. Reed Sculpture "colorful, kinetic cartoon contraptions shaped from wood and painted." Facebook page

T.R. Reed

Cory McCrory Ceramics "Sculptural and functional ceramic art. Slab hand built dishes with pulled texture using linoleum printing mat. Decorated with underglazes and glazes fired to 2200 degrees. Hand sculpted work also decorated and fired the same. No moulds are used, all one of a kind."

Cory McCrory

Bev O'Daniel Ceramics "Pieces are wheel thrown and altered by carving or stamping. Multiple colored glazes are layered on each piece. Hand built pieces are made using slabs and textured.

Bev O'Daniel

Barbara Swift Jewelry says: "I flame-work my own glass beads and my husband fabricates the sterling silver. Form, color and texture are juxtaposed to form sculptural pieces that can be worn."

Barbara Swift

Amy Millspaugh Ceramics Amy was at our 2013 Festival and was a big hit with her whimsical ceramics. It's great to have her back!

Amy Millspaugh

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