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Don Ament Photography Pigment photographic prints, printed by me. Archival photographic prints, not metal, canvas, etc. Surface-mounted and sealed on archival, rigid panels. Custom hanging system results in perfect alignment and visual continuity.

Don Ament


Beverly Baker Jewelry Hand fabricated sterling silver jewelry; infused with resin and enamels for a pop of color. Textured to appear like concrete and a little sparkle added in the form of cubic zirconias.

Beverly Baker


Chad Balster Glass Hot Blown Glass, Functional Wares and Decorate One of a Kind Works of Art.

Chad Balster


Bradley Bauer Photography Consecutive pictures are taken at different exposure levels then Digitally fused into a single ultra high resolution image. Developed using Archival Media using K3 ink set Using Digital 35mm and Digital Medium Format - I combine a sense of nostalgia, landmark, and beauty in the most unlikely places and subjects then cap my compositions with primary colors, earth tones and a splash of dimension,

Bradley Bauer


Heather Baumbach Painting Using custom built wood frames, I capture my subjects by first sketching in charcoal and pastels, then following that with layers of acrylic paint. Finally, each piece is sealed. My work is inspired by my travels, my family, and the beauty of everyday life

Heather Baumbach


Kelsey Burchett Fiber My wearable art is crafted from new and up-cycled materials, using only the softest natural fabrics. Each piece is unique, one of a kind, and always fun. Sometimes I use a patchwork technique, piecing smaller pieces of fabric together to create the larger vision and other times I create items from patterns I have drafted myself. Every piece of clothing is finished with a professional serger to ensure quality and durability.

Kelsey Burchett


Kim Caisse Jewelry I hand sculpt earthenware clay forms for jewelry. Some are drawn freehand from a sheet of clay with a needle. I glaze the pieces carefully on all surfaces using supports I make myself to eliminate contact with the kiln shelf. Translucent glazes, sterling silver and steel findings.

Kim Caisse


Robin Chard Jewelry My garden is my influence. Using direct castings of organic elements and tiny lost-wax insect carvings I fashion individual elements which I then assemble and hard soldier into rings. Lately I have been casting real twigs to twist into ring shanks. By casting my own components I have limitless combinations to make unique rings. I start with something I have seen in my head and work in silver to make it a reality. I am always open to what the process contributes to the piece.My ultimate goal is to make tiny natural landscapes for adornment.

Robin Chard


Deb Chenault Jewelry Fabrication of recycled & repurposed sterling & copper; primarily cold-connected, using etching, repousse, & fold forming techniques among others to transfer original illustrations into metal form.

Deb Chenault


John Chumack Photography Astrophotography 1 to 17 hour long time exposures, Multiple nights of recording light through my homemade Observatory telescopes. I print them all in my conventional darkroom on archival photographic chemical based paper. The digital images are created the same way
and printed with a Epson High Dynamic Range Printer on Archival paper and 200 year pigmented inks.
All my work is Signed Matted and framed. Full detail information about the photograph, time exposure, and object are included with each image.
My work has been featured on the Front Cover of "Time" Magazine & National Geographic, Newsweek, Science, and Discover and many Science television programs, PBS, BBC, History, Science, & Discovery Channels.

John Chumack


Dwayne Cobb Jewelry Fabrication of recycled & repurposed sterling & copper; primarily cold-connected, using etching, repousse, & fold forming techniques among others to transfer original illustrations into metal form.

Dwayne Cobb


Lisa Colby Jewelry My work is hand fabricated from sterling silver. It has a sculptural quality to it. I forge much of my work on a rough steel anvil, producing a weathered surface to the metal that in turn is oxidized to bring out the organic, rustic surface textures so inherent in my work.

Lisa Colby


Robert Copeland Photography I work in Photoshop, using a Wacom tablet with a soft edge brush. I print on paper and canvas.

Robert Copeland


Jennifer Creighton Ceramics I craft wheel-thrown, high-fire functional ceramics meant for everyday enjoyment and use. All glazes are made in-house according to food-safe recipes, and the stoneware clay is purchased ready to use. I enjoy the contrast created by my use of highly saturated, glossy glazes paired with a satin cream glaze. My line includes both multi-use items (single serving-size bowls, mugs, etc), and task specific items such as citrus juicers and coffee pour over cones. A portion of my line utilizes ceramic decal technology, where an image is printed onto waterslide decal paper and then is applied to the glazed and fired surface. A third firing (all firings are electric)

Jennifer Creighton


Christina Cundiff Other All natural and temporary henna tattoos on skin.

Christina Cundiff


Nich Daunis Ceramics Wheel-thrown, high-fired stoneware and porcelain wares.

Nich Daunis


Tahmi DeSchepper Jewelry The inspiration for many of my pieces comes from working textile techniques in metal. For this series, I use a medieval finger weaving technique to create fabric from precious metal wire. I then embed that metal fabric behind layers of clear glass I’ve fused in order to play with various optical effects in my jewelry. It’s hard to capture in a still image, but the result is very dynamic as light interacts with both the glass and the twists in the metal fabric. It’s intriguing to me that by changing the viewing angle slightly, you get a very different experience of the underlying metal fabric. I then add hand fabricated chain and settings (primarily from either 14/20 gold fill or Argentium sterling silver) to finish my award winning pieces.

Tahmi DeSchepper


Cheryl Dorris Photography All images are digitally shot on location; printed, framed and displayed using archival products.

Cheryl Dorris


Adam Egenolf Ceramics I make hand thrown, high fire, crystalline glazed, porcelain and white stoneware pottery.

Adam Egenolf


Paul Fontana Painting Encaustic painting: Pure beeswax, damar resin and oil paint applied while in its molten state to 1.5" gallery-depth wooden substrate. Using a heat gun and/or blowtorch, each layer is fused to the layers below, making the finished painting a continuous piece of wax rather than the layers it consists of. Bottom applications of color are brought to the surface by intensifying and directing the heat, resulting in boldly colored landscapes, seascapes and abstract designs.

Paul Fontana


Vicki Gentry JewelryI make glass beads by melting glass rods, recycled bottles, or strips of stained glass in the flame of a torch. The beads go directly from torch to kiln and are annealed for strength and durability. I then use the completed beads in jewelry designs incorporating copper, brass, sterling silver, fine silver, silk, and leather.

Vicki Gentry


Enrique Gonzalez Painting I Using bright pigments & his modern impressionistic style, he creates unique canvases that overflow with color & movement with various themes including: sailing boats, peacocks, horse racing, etc.

Enrique Gonzalez


Stefanie Graves Watercolor Transparent watercolor on paper

Stefanie Graves


Lisa Hagan Mixed Media Using beeswax and real pressed flowers, foliage, and other natural items, I create globe-shaped hurricanes (which I call "Luminaries", square hurricanes, and panels for home and garden decor. I do not make wicked candles; they do not melt.

Lisa Hagan


David Hammond Photography Matted & framed photographic prints of nature/landscape. I do all of my own printing, matting, and framing of my photographic art using archival inks, papers, and framing products.

David Hammond


Thomas Harris Ceramics A combination of wheel-thrown/altered and hand-build forms. Many of the wheel-thrown pieces start with a functional shape and are then altered with a focus on sculptural modifications. the hand-built pieces both in the sense of being figures inspired by animals and animal parts and in the fact that they are not literal representations. The surface most often includes a layering of undeerglazes that are then sanded to reveal the strata of layers

Thomas Harris


Dawn Hatzidakis Jewelry Metalsmithing runs in the family. Taught by my Mother, KY silversmith, and apprenticing with her, metalsmithing was a natural progression to start my own jewelry line. With an interest in unique colors and patterns, I was drawn to copper. I spent many hours learning and mastering the art of patina with ammonia, vinegar, liver of sulfur and fire. Texture, depth and movement are introduced with techniques in folding, hammering, etching and bending metals. Accents with gemstones, polymer clay and leather help create a unique one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry

Dawn Hatzidakis


Steve Heartsill Mixed Media Often mistaken from a distance as stained glass my work combines steel with handmade ceramic tiles resulting in a most unique art form of textures and color. Patterns inspired by nature, ancient cultures and life are drawn and divided into ceramic and metal areas. Ceramic Tiles are sculpted from clay. Upon completion they are fitted to rust patina metal sheets using a plasma cutter. Metal is coated with polyurethane and mounted to backer board on copper offsets to shadowbox tiles.

Steve Heartsill


Donald Hershman Painting All paintings are alcohol ink on yupo paper. Paintings are made by moving alcohol ink around using gravity, coffee stirrers, old credit cards, wax paper and cotton swabs. Paint brushes are never used. Occasionally, alcohol ink markers are deployed. Additional character is added by applying 91% rubbing alcohol as a spray mist or drops. In addition, various ink mixatives are often used to create additional depth and character. Paintings are always mounted in single or double mats and sealed in polyethylene bags or are presented in glass covered frames. Landscapes predominate, but a variety of abstracts are also represented. Alcohol ink paintings are notable for their vivid and unusual colors and depth.

Donald Hershman


Jeanie Holland Mixed Media narrative objects, hooked of wool and embellished with ceramic, wood, and wire.

Jeanie Holland


Heather Holland-Daly Mixed Media My aesthetic is based on the exploration of color combinations. My work contains a touch of whimsical, but still practical and wearable. I am attracted to how colors & shapes fit together, as well as the empty space between. I work with copper, sterling silver and iron. I both torch and kiln enamel & often add bead woven and fiber & found elements.

Heather Holland-Daly


David and Meagan Honaker Other Dirty Hand Studios hand carves wood blocks and linoleum to make one of a kind prints, patches, and pillows.

David and Meagan Honaker


Thomas Hooper Other Fine Pewter comes into our shop as sheet stock, ingots and wire, and we create everything using those three forms of the metal. We use the sheet stock for metal spinning, the ingots we melt for casting and the wire is used for welding pieces together. We make our own original sculptures for casting and cut our own forms for metal spinning, thus making every piece completely original and unique to us. We polish or patina each piece by hand, giving each piece its own special finish. We use only 100% lead-free pewter, so everything is functional as well as beautiful. We make pieces ranging from salt spoons and salt cellars to punch sets and tea sets. Our work is inspired by history and nature, with variety for every style.

Thomas Hooper


Emily Howard Other I am predominantly a relief printmaker who creates fine art prints and crafts inspired by nature and literature. I hand-carve linoleum and wood blocks and print them on my hand-crank press. Often I will collage and hand-paint the prints for added dimension and interest.

Emily Howard


Sarah Kandell-Gritzmaker Jewelry I utilize mid-range ceramic clay to create ceramic jewelry components inspired by my love of collecting rocks, fossils, and gems. A variety of studio-made glazes and oxide washes are used to highlight the textures in the clay through multiple firings. The ceramic components are then combined with semi-precious stones, copper, brass, waxed linen, and other beads from around the world to create wearable compositions.

Sarah Kandell-Gritzmaker


Yu Chuan Liu Mixed Media silk string material to design 2-D shadow box, frame, adjustable silk string necklace with gems and jades

Yu Chuan Liu


David Lucht Other Batik painting. Wax resist and fabric dyes on silk, paper and wood. My subject matter varies from world views to seed pod studies to abstract explorations.

David Lucht


Nikki May Jewelry The majority of my jewelry consists of hand drawn ink on slices of tree branches, sealed with wax and finished with copper findings. I also use a variety of other wood shapes and sometimes include found objects and photography with encaustic medium. All pieces are hand drawn and/or collaged and are one of a kind.

Nikki May


James Meader Photography All processing of the art is done by the artists. Each of their images is printed on acid-free (100% Cotton) watercolor paper. To represent the richness of the images’ and because of the weight of the paper (300 lb.) the printer uses 2 ½ times the typical quantity of ink. From this point their pictures are trimmed, mounted, and given a preservation coating of a unique formula of Acrylics which allows the art to be displayed without glass. With no glass, there will be NO GLARE or REFLECTION, thus increasing the pleasure in viewing the image.

James Meade


Melanie Miller Jewelry .999 fine silver (metal clay), with 22K gold accents applied with the Keum-Boo technique, after firing the silver. The Sculptural Landscapes are a 3D mini sculpture of the moon rising over the mountains. These are made by layering the textured and sculpted clay in the wet state, using silver lavender oil paste to adhere the layers, dried, then fired at 1650 degrees for 2 hours for maximum strength. I then solder bezel wire in place to hold the labradorite or moonstones in place. Chemical oxidation is used to bring out the detail, then hand polished. My production line is called Talking Tree Lockets, embossed trees, with inspirational quotes on the inside of the swing locket design.

Melanie Miller


Carol MacKay Ceramics


Anne Marie Milligan Painting I paint primarily in oils, with an Impressionists' style. Almost all of my artwork is nature-based, and increasingly, my work is inspired by our native Kentucky wildflower gardens, which I have designed at home.

Anne Marie Milligan


Kristin Moger Drawing My highly detailed ink drawings are a whimsical blending (ie: "Melange") of realistic form and multi-cultural patterning; creating "Seriously Fun Art". The juxtaposition of unusual patterns creates form and depth. My current work focuses mainly on identifiable natural forms described by unnatural patterning. I begin the process with getting a "feel" for the subject through observation & research. I decide on what kind of mood I want the subject to portray and create a pencil sketch. I tighten up the main forms into line and shape with ink. I then fill the forms in with free hand drawn shapes to convey the mood and rhythm of the drawing.

Kristin Moger


Kotah Moon Sculpture I seek out only reclaimed metals and create designs to complement those metals with my energy and insight.I use a torch to cut everything by hand,I use up to 3 types of welding,and shape by hammer,grinding,and heat.I use non-toxic metal dyes to color.No cnc or automated equipment used,ever!

Kotah Moon


Greg Murry Mixed Media Steel Canvas is an art form that is created by hand cutting forms out of steel,brass,copper,bronze,sterling silver, gold and other materials. These components are hand engraved under a stereo microscope and soldered, hammer riveted or screwed to the steel sheet that is my canvas. The steel canvas is finished off by hand making a pine and plywood frame that is wrapped in leather and copper. The steel canvas is mounted on the face of the leather.

Greg Murry


Maria Napoli Painting Oil paint is meticulously brushed creating luminosity accented by strokes of palette knife and oil bar

Maria Napoli


Sara Rappee Jewelry Each created piece of jewelry starts with the selection of a unique rough stone or mineral material that is then shaped, ground, and polished on a series of 6 diamond grit wheels. A creative design is then chosen to accentuate the stone. Sterling silver wire and sheet stock are then used to craft by hand every component of metal. This includes the setting, bail, and design elements. The results are a unique piece of wearable art made from the earth.

Sara Rappee


T.R. Reed Other colorful, kinetic, cartoon contraptions made from wood and painted.

T.R. Reed


Derrick Riley Mixed Media my work is all hand drawn, hand prepared, and hand printed silk screens, woodcuts, stone lithographs, etchings, linoleum cuts, and letterpress. It is all prepared using traditional printmaking techniques. We specialize in editioned prints as well as t shirts, pillows, greeting cards, as well as a few one of a kind items.

Derrick Riley


S. Robbie Robinson Fiber Leather is wet or heat formed using wood blocks that are hand carved into unique abstract designs or faces & then made into handbags. Each handbag is one of a kind in color combination & individually signed. The leather used to make the bags is selected for its quality, color & texture quality.

S. Robbie Robinson


Heather Romang Jewelry I create jewelry that is primarily enamel on copper. Necklaces are on a sterling silver chain or a rustic brass chain. Some Pendants have cut outs--and are set over a mirror--to allow the inside color to reflect outward and add some depth/mystery/intrigue. I've recently started creating enamel cuff bracelets. A dot texture is added to most pieces and then stoned away to reveal the dots through the enamel, creating a pattern.

Heather Romang


Alf Sharp Wood Handmade wooden items including lathe-turned objects, carved bow ties, jewelry boxes and small tables

Alf Sharp


Steven Skinner Ceramics I combine wheel throwing, hand building and sculpting techniques to create stoneware pottery with an "organic modern functional" aesthetic. Often, porcelain is inlayed and marbled for calligraphic effects. The clay's rich textures and colors dominate on unglazed exterior surfaces. Gas-fired to cone 10.

Steven Skinner


Thomas Spake Glass The hand blown glass pieces are created by layering glass patterns atop one another and then etching away the surface to reveal the underlying colors. This unique process gives the surface a tactile quality that offers the audience a treat for the eyes as well as the fingers, and with the blown vessels surface exposed, the soft glow of light is transmitted through the vessel, revealing the materials true nature.

Thomas Spake


Shand Stamper/Mitch Kimball Jewelry/Ceramics Mitch and Shand are two separate artists who work together as S&M studios. Mitch's wood fired ceramics and Shand's hand crafted jewelry perfectly compliment each other and share the theme of rustic beauty.

Shand Stamper and Mitch Kimball


Knox Steinbrecher Ceramics Functional stoneware pottery, mostly wheel thrown though some pieces are hand-built. I do some free hand carving embellishment and layer glazes. I fire to cone 6 ( 2200 degrees).

Knox Steinbrecher


John Stoeckley Drawing My work consists of Pen & Ink Drawings with Watercolor of historic sites and places of interest from throughout the Midwest with a consintration of Colleges and Universities in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

John Stoeckley


Nora Swanson Jewelry We specialize in the artistry and alchemy of copper and brass featuring oxidized patinas as the focus of the concept. As dedicated sub-atomic particle wranglers, we do not follow any other path save our own with our formulas or application methods; in other words-no cheating on the exams and no one else's recipes. Our singular "Melon Patch" "Color" is a good example of what a mad scientist (My partner Dale) fueled with plenty of caffeine can achieve in our studio lab, given enough time and Frank Zappa. We have enough controls figured out that we achieve very consistent results and can give the colors snazzy names for that designer edge. The work is super durable with an amazing environmentally kind clear coat to keep it looking its bes

Nora Swanson


Karen Terhune Sculpture I create both abstract & representational sculptures from limestone,alabaster & soapstone. Each piece is hand carved, hand filed and hand sanded, up to 5 times, to acheive the desired smoothness.I also use texture in some pieces to create both a clor and a tactile change within the piece.

Karen Terhune


Diana Thomas Jewelry We are collaborative artists. One creates the polymer clay cane while the other creates the jewelry pieces. James, a pen and ink artist takes his inspiration from his drawings to create organic and geometric style polymer clay canes. Diana uses the canes to create a variety of jewelry using her original three dimensional design technique. Both are self-taught in polymer clay, a medium that is loved by both for versatility and color.

Diana Thomas


Andre Tourrette Wood I create sculpture using a variety of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and iron. My work is both free standing and wall hanging, and is elegant enough for any interior environment yet durable enough for outdoor use. All pieces are fully welded and polished, yielding a first class perspective.

Andre Tourrette


Don Tran Wood Artwork stitched into black linen fabric so the vibrant colors of the silk threads stand out.I start with simple light chalk lines then with my imagination, patience, skills,I create true works of art

Don Tran


Leon Van Weelden Scupture Handmade wooden items including lathe-turned objects, carved bow ties, jewelry boxes and small tables

Leon Van Weelden


Jonna Vaughn Jewelry Most of my work incorporates the use of dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is a glass that is coated with metallic oxides on one side. This is what gives the pendants their shimmery appearance. Often multiple colors will show in a pendant depending on the direction of the light angle. Several layers of this glass are stacked and kiln fired multiple times. The glass is then hand cut and shaped to the desired outcome. Images are enameled and are permanently set in a final firing to 1100 degrees. As a result, these images will not wear, flake, or fade. Each pendant is set on a high quality decorative silver bail and purchase includes a silver chain and gift box.

Jonna Vaughn


Justin Vowell Painting Thoughtful illustrations on canvas using thin washes of acrylic paint.

Justin Vowell


Fred Wiesener Ceramic Sculpture


Christopher Whitaker Painting A more than traditional realist painting in oils to create thought provoking, themed works.

Christopher Whitaker

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