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Chad Balster Glass Hand Blown Glass. Utilizing ancient techniques developed by the romans, i try to incorporate the something new into every single piece. Melted, inflated and inspired in Louisville Ky.

Chad Balster

Edward Bartoszek Painting I create and produce all the acrylic works that I display. The acrylic paintings are on canvas and illustration board and all are original. The colors are applied with brushes and the black is done with an airbrush. The works on canvas are stretched over wood
frames that I build myself. I find ideas for my paintings in everyday life. I also study traditional painting subjects and compositions to find ideas.
I like to add a contemporary process to old ways and ideas.

Edward Bartoszek

Heather Bumbach Painting Using custom built wooden frames, I first sketch in charcoal and pastels, and then I follow that with layers of acrylic paint. Finally, each piece is sealed with poly acrylic.

Heather Baumbach

Suzan and Chuck Buckner Painting We use a variety of paper, metal, wood, found objects and paint to create a paintings and mixed media pieces.

Suzan and Chuck Buckner

Kelsey Burchett Fiber My wearable art is crafted from new and up-cycled materials, using only the softest natural fabrics. Each piece is unique, one of a kind, and always fun. Sometimes I use a patchwork technique, piecing smaller pieces of fabric together to create the larger vision and other times I create items from patterns I have drafted myself. Every piece of clothing is finished with a professional serger to ensure quality and durability.

Kelsey Burchett

Deb Chenault Jewelry Fabrication of recycled & repurposed sterling & copper; primarily cold-connected, using etching, repousse, & fold forming techniques among others to transfer original illustrations into metal form.

Deb Chenault

Dwayne Cobb Jewelry Sculpture to wear! One of a kind jewelry of silver,copper,brass,featuring semi precious stones.

Dwayne Cobb

John Colburn Ceramics Wheel-thrown, oxidation-fired functional stoneware pottery with "faux tie-dye" glazes. Some decorative vases incorporate thrown, carved and attached loops and wings.

John Colburn

Christina Cundiff Other Henna art and design on skin, glass, textile and wood. All henna is mixed by the artist and from all natural ingredients. Natural henna is used on skin for temporary tattoos and on wood and glass. Henna designs are also applied to glass, wood, candles and textiles using acrylic paint, bleach and woodburning

Christina Cundiff

Nich Daunis Ceramics I make functional or utilitarian wheel-thrown pottery. I use a variety of stonewares and porcelains. All of which are high-fired in a gas or atmospheric kiln.

Nich Daunis

Tahmi DeSchepper Jewelry The inspiration for many of my pieces comes from working textile techniques in metal. For this series, I use a medieval finger weaving technique to create fabric from precious metal wire. I then embed that metal fabric behind layers of clear glass I’ve fused in order to play with various optical effects in my jewelry. It’s hard to capture in a still image, but the result is very dynamic as light interacts with both the glass and the twists in the metal fabric. It’s intriguing to me that by changing the viewing angle slightly, you get a very different experience of the underlying metal fabric. I then add hand fabricated chain and settings (primarily from either 14/20 gold fill or Argentium sterling silver) to finish my award winning pieces

Tahmi DeSchepper

Richard Douglas Wood

(no pictures or artist's statement available)


Jay Favorite

Leslie Fawcett Jewelry Jewelry featuring hand woven beaded beads that are combined with sterling silver and gemstones. Glass seed beads are woven with a nylon thread using the peyote stitch, either in a tubular shape, disc pattern or ball form.

Leslie Fawcett

Paul Fontana Painting My acrylic paintings on canvas or hardboard start with gesso to which I add texture in various ways while it is still wet (palette knife, pressed in burlap or screen, water drops). I then paint in layers letting some of the underpainting show through. IMO, both the seen and the unseen are important to the finished painting. I iuse gallery-wrapped canvas and the 1.5-inch sides are painted with a complementing or contrasting color, so no no framing is needed.
My encaustics on wood panels use 100% pure beeswax with added oil paint or sometimes powdered pigment. I apply the hot, liquid wax with foam or bristle brushes and then manipulate it with a heat gun and/or a blowtorch. The wood panels are 1.5 inches deep and are stained or color washed.

Paul Fontana

Enrique Gonzalez Painting Using bright pigments & his modern impressionistic style, he creates unique canvases that overflow with color & movement with various themes including: sailing boats, peacocks, horse racing, etc.

Enrique Gonzalez

Stefanie Graves Painting I am a watercolorist who uses a contemporary style to portray detailed glimpses of life in various cultures.  I see art, especially painting, as an opening to discussion, a window into new perceptions.  Art is a means of discovering not only others’ views of the world, but perhaps more importantly, a way to greater self-discovery.

Stefanie Graves

David Hammond Photography My photography is created using both digital & film cameras. Files are then printed with an Epson professional printer using archival pigmented inks on archival paper. Prints are then matted and framed. I myself do all the processes from capturing the image in the camera, to printing, matting, and framing the final print.

David Hammond

Thomas Harris Ceramics

(no pictures or artist's statement available)

Pam Harrison Jewelry

Pam Harrison

Suzi Hoffman Painting Lighthearted watercolor/pen & ink mixed media and wire mobile sculptures

Suzi Hoffman

Jeanie Holland Mixed Media narrative objects hooked of wool and embellished with ceramic wood and wire.

Jeanie Holland

Heather Holland-Daly Jewelry My aesthetic is based on the exploration of color combinations. My work contains a touch of whimsical, but still practical and wearable. I am attracted to how colors & shapes fit together, as well as the empty space between. I work with copper, sterling silver and iron. I both torch and kiln enamel & often add bead woven and fiber elements.

Heather Holland-Daly

David Johnson Ceramics I specialize in handmade, functional ceramics with a flair for color and texture. I utilize wheel throwing, slab building, extrusion, and many other methods of making to achieve my desired vision. The work is fired in an oxidation environment to ^6, 7, & 8 with custom, handmade and commercial glazes. All work is dishwasher and microwave safe.

David Johnson

Anne Kindl Drawing Layers of soft pastel color are drawn by hand on sanded papers using expressive mark making.

Anne Kindl

Kenneth Lewis Painting I cover an entire canvas with colors that are contrasting and analogous in nature. This serves one major purpose for me and that is to take away the anxiety of filling the blank space. I truly get excited when I see the abstract nature of the piece. This has a major impact on the direction of the painting. I typically start with the lowest values first and build up to the high values. There are times when I have very little direction but I’m allowing the process to build on it’s own. Completing a painting is different for each piece. I’m currently working on learning when to stop or when to continue to push a piece. It’s truly an everyday struggle.

Kenneth Lewis

David Lucht Fiber I create my art with the wax resist process of batik. My approach to batik elevates this ancient craft to fine art. Batik originated in the world of craft where people create objects that contribute a sense of grace and beauty to their daily lives. I try to bring forward that history of desire for commonplace beauty and use it as a support in developing my own imagery.  In batik the image and the cloth become a fully integrated thing. There is no surface decoration in batik. The image is established in the fiber of the cloth. I find that to be a very powerful idea.

David Lucht

Will and Carolyn MacKay Other oil paintings, ceramics, and jewelry

Will and Carolyn MacKay

Mark Marshall Photography I capture digitally and print on archival papers and canvass. My work is an editorial of our wonderful world we live in! I am fortunate enough to travel and capture images from all around the world!

Mark Marshall

Anthony Martin Other I work alone in the shop to make collectable knives, tomahawks and other pieces of weaponry, cooking and fireplace tools as well as custom home hardware including hinges, handles, locks and latches. All of the pieces made by Red Tail Forge Works are done by hand. Hammers, anvils, steel and fire are the only things used in the creative process. The tools used in the shop date from pre-Revolutionary war to 1951. The techniques and materials used to create one of kind pieces are the same, or as close to the same as those used in a 1750s era Colonial American blacksmith shop..

Anthony Martin

Beth McDaniel Jewelry I make extraordinary jewelry using ordinary objects. My one-of-a-kind pieces are made using old rulers, silver plated trays, game pieces, coins, etc.

Beth McDaniel

Kotah Moon Sculpture I create every piece of art from 100% recycled and found metals.I seek out all of my own metals,create designs to complement those metals,and then cut each piece by hand along with up to 3 types of welding as needed. Each piece is burnished with wire brushes and or grinding disc then heated and dyed with non-toxic metal dyes. The end process is to add 3 to 5 coats of clear coat to properly protect each piece of art. There is NO computerized or automated equipment used,ever!

Kotah Moon

Tim Murphy Other I am a Flint Knapper, (20 years), who demonstrates Flint Knapping of knives made from flint and carved antler for the handles, I also carve buffalo bone and antler necklaces and earrings. I have been featured in Missouri Conservation Magazine and National Primitive Archery Magazine, I have demonstrated flint knapping for cultural events in the US and in Italy. (12 times).

The materials I use for Flint Knapping are quarried black and/or colored flint, obsidian and agate and the tools I use for this are moose antler, called billets, deer antler for pressure flaking and stone for abrading, all primitive tools.

All jewelry is hand carved and is make from bison bone legs and ribs, deer antlers for earrings and necklaces.

Tim Murphy

Amelia Naas Ceramics My work consists of hand painted silk scarves and shawls and batik cotton and rayon clothing using beeswax and procion dyes. I use primarily nature themes such as ferns,flowers, leaves and birds, butterflies and insects. These things I strive to bring alive with silk and salt and water and dye.

Amelia Naas

Kelsey Nagy Ceramics All pieces are wheel thrown and then altered porcelain. I use a combination of surface treatments such as carving, sliptrailing, and underglaze painting. Often, I will combine multiple treatments on one piece. The carving and sliptrailing serves as a guideline for the underglaze painting and will often define a certain area. For the underglaze painting, I will paint a background color. Then, using fine tip squeeze bottles, I will add the "stitching."

Kelsey Nagy

Maria Napoli Painting Oil paint is meticulously brushed creating luminosity accented by strokes of palette knife and oil bar

Maria Napoli

Bev O'Daniel Ceramics Hand built and wheel thrown ceramics that are altered by carving or stamping. Multiple glazes are layered.

Bev O'Daniel

Allison Rabbitt Fiber I use a zesty and intelligent blend of new and vintage cottons, as well as recycled denim jeans, to create unique and functional fabric housewares. Modern patchwork, a wide range of prints and bold colors characterize my styles of hot pads, oven mitts, and other items.

Allison Rabbitt

Sara Rappee Jewelry Each created piece of jewelry starts with the selection of a unique rough stone or mineral material that is then shaped, ground, and polished on a series of 6 diamond grit wheels. A creative design is then chosen to accentuate the stone. Sterling silver wire and sheet stock are then used to craft by hand every component of metal. This includes the setting, bail, and design elements. The results are a unique piece of wearable art made from the earth.

Sara Rappee

T.R. Reed Sculpture colorful kinetic cartoon contraptions shaped from wood and painted.

T.R. Reed

Derrick Riley Other I am a traditional printmaker, woodcuts, Stone Lithos, and Silk Screens. Limited editions, carved, and printed by hand.

Derrick Riley

Ken Roberts Sculpture

Ken Roberts

Heather Romang Jewelry I create enamel jewelry. My smaller pieces are round domed disks (made into pendants or earrings).Texture is added before the enameling process. After the first enameling, the pieces are stoned away to reveal the texture, usually dots, to expose a pattern. Then the pieces are re-fired to finish the piece. My larger pendant pieces are round domes, with a pattern cut out of them. Then enameled on both sides and set over a mirror so the inside color reflects outward and illustrates more depth. Most disks are copper. Settings are either made of copper or sterling silver. Pendants are attached to either copper or sterling silver chains based off what looks best with the enameled pendant or customer preference. Earring wires are sterling silver.

Heather Romang

Walter Roycraft Photography Digital images printed on exhibition quality ink jet paper.Using software I use traditional darkroom techniques to achieve the tonality I desire.

Walter Roycraft

Shand Stamper and Mitch Kimball Sculpture All items are handmade one of a kind created by Shand and Mitch. Shand is a metalsmith and Mitch is a potter.

Shand Stamper and Mitch Kimball

Wayne Stebbins Ceramics Primarily wheel thrown stoneware ceramics utilizing cone 6 glaze and combining metal work stones and organic material such as horsehair into my design. Also work extensively in Raku utilizing after firing process including vapor spraying, torching and very heavy reduction. I also use a raku glazing technique I call watercolor which uses super colorant saturated glazes.

Wayne Stebbins

Knox Steinbrecher Ceramics I make functional stoneware pottery. I like to think of it as a bit of art in daily living. I make my own glazes and am learning to make brushes to use in decorating my pots. I am also learning to use the computer to design textures to make stamps that will enhance the pots. The pottery is oxidation fired to 2268 degrees.

Knox Steinbrecher

Diana Thomas Jewelry We are collaborative artists. My friend and business partner creates polymer clay canes based on his intricate pen and ink drawings. I take those canes and create contemporary wearable art. My necklaces and earrings are created using my original, 3-D design technique. Our pieces come with on leather cords or chains.

Diana Thomas

Andre Tourrette Jewelry I create sculpture using various types of metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and iron. My work is elegant enough for any interior setting yet durable enough for the garden. I weld everything, and typically polish or paint the work for a first class presentation.

Andre Tourrette

Leon Van Weelden Sculpture Hand built clay sculptures. Coil and slab construction. Planters, fountains, figures, and wall pieces.

Leon Van Weelden

Jonna Vaughn Jewelry Most of my work incorporates the use of dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is a glass that is coated with metallic oxides on one side. This is what gives the pendants their shimmery appearance. Often multiple colors will show in a pendant depending on the direction light hits it. Several layers of this glass are stacked and kiln fired multiple times. The glass is then hand cut and shaped to the desired outcome. Images are enameled and are permanently set in a final firing to 1100 degrees. As a result, these images will not wear, flake, fade or rub off. Each pendant is set on a high quality decorative silver bail and purchase includes a silver chain and gift box.

Jonna Vaughn

Debbie Wiles Mixed Media Hard-shelled gourds are transformed into vases, bowls, baskets, lamp shades, and wall hangings. Pieces are either ink or leather dyed then sealed with polyurethane or wax. Techniques include: Woodburning, chip-carving, relief carving and filigree. Pieces are embellished with cabochons, stones, sea grass or gold leafing.

Debbie Wiles

Clark Willett Photography Taking digital photos is my art. My goal is to capture nature’s beauty. The combinations of composition, definition, details change constantly. Whether in a close-up or a panoramic view, the challenge and the attraction do not diminish. It is my passion.

Clark Willett

Ruth Wright Jewelry Tiny glass seed beads and faceted crystals: these are the raw materials I use to create eye-catching, elegant, and lightweight yet durable jewelry. Each bead is hand woven into the finished piece of wearable art via a variety of different stitches chosen to create just the right drape for each of my creations. I find inspiration for my work in the wide array of adornment created by cultures world-wide, from ancient times to contemporary work.

Ruth Wright

Judy Zeddies Other Varied types of printmaking including monotypes, collagraphs & screen prints, many in combination. An uncommon look at everyday objects. All works are hand-printed by the artist.

Judy Zeddies

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